Bradbury Camp

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Camp Member:  Richard Brooks, PCC
Ancestor:  Martin Veith, Pvt., Company G, 27th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry
Grave Site:  Green Mount Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA
Ceremony:  28 APR 2007
More Info:  Enlisted 18 APR 1861, reenlisted 23 JUL 1864, at Lookout Valley Tennessee. Veteran Volunteer. Discharged JUL 1865 at Washington DC

Camp Member:  John Brown
Ancestor:  Benjamin Brown, Pvt., Company I, 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry (Rush's Lancers)
Grave Site:  Mount Zion Cemetery, Pottstown, PA
Ceremony:  19 APR 2008
More Info:  Enlisted 26 SEP 1861, at North Coventry, PA by Capt. James Starr. Medical Discharge 24 DEC 1862. Captured while sick in hospital near Johnson's Farm, Savage Station 27 JUN 1862. Sent to Richmond 13 JUL 1862 and paroled at City Point, Va. 25 JUL 1862
Ancestor:  John Brown, Pvt., Company I, 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry (Rush's Lancers)
Grave Site:  Mount Zion Cemetery, Pottstown, PA
Ceremony:  19 APR 2008
More Info:  John is Benjamin's son. Enlisted 7 DEC 1861 at Philadelphia PA by Capt. James Starr. Discharged 11 DEC 1864 Winchester, VA

Camp Member:  Dan Cashin
Ancestor:  Samuel H. Degroot Company A, 56th NYVI
Grave Site:  Woodlawn Cemetery, New Windsor, NY
More Info:  Wounded in right jaw 29 APR 1862 in battle of Lee's Mills VA. (Knocked out all the teeth on that side of his mouth.) Wounded in right leg (knee) 14 JUL 1863 at James Island SC. Mustered out 15 FEB 1864 at Hart's Island NY. Reenlisted 29 APR 1864. Mustered out 17 OCT 1865 in Charelston SC.

Camp Member:  Jack Crystle
Ancestor:  Joseph M. Christal, Company F, 33rd Regiment, 4th Pennsylvania Reserves
More Info:  Enlisted 28 JUN 1861, discharged with his company 17 JUN 1864. Born 10 JUN 1843, Philadelphia, PA, died 21 MAY 1918, East Stroudsburg, PA.
Note: Joseph Christal and James Crystle were brothers, although they spelled their names differently.
Ancestor:  James Crystle, Company A, 26th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry and Company F, 3rd Regiment Pennsylvania Cavalry Volunteers
Grave Site:  Chester Rural Cemetery, Chester, PA
More Info:  Enlisted 27 MAY 1861 in Company A, 26th Infantry Regiment for 3 years. Discharged 18 JUN 1864 at Philadelphia, PA. Enlisted 1 AUG 1864 in Company F, 3rd Regiment Pennsylvania Cavalry Volunteers. Recruited in Philadelphia, PA. Discharged 27 MAY 1865 at Richmond, Virginia. Died 3 NOV 1921.

Camp Member:  Reed Howard, PCC
Ancestor:  George Reed Resseguie, 1st Sgt, Company F, 141st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry
Grave Site:  South Gibson, PA
Ceremony:  12 OCT 2003
More Info:  Enlisted 8 AUG 1862. Wounded in right hand on 3 MAY 1863 at Chancellorsville. Also wounded in right shoulder on 6 MAY 1864 at Wilderness. Mustered out 7 JUN 1865. Member PA General Assembly in 1884. Post commander A. J. Roper GAR Post 452.

Camp Member:  Waldo, David and Patrick Jones
Ancestor:  John Herman, Pvt., Company H, 10th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
Grave Site:  Smithfield Cemetery, Pittsburgh, PA

Camp Member:  Richard A. (Dick) Kreamer
Ancestor:  Jeremiah Royer, Pvt. Company L, 17th Pennsylvania Calvary, 162 Regiment, PA Volunteers
Grave Site:  Goshenhoppen Cemetery, Upper Salford Twp., Montgomery County, PA.
More Info:  Mustered in 17 SEP 1862 Mustered out with Company 16 JUN 1865. From Chancellorsville to Gettysburg to Richmond and on to Appomattox and finally the Grand Review in Washington, DC on 23 MAY 1865 - all for a monthly stipend of $13.

Camp Member:  Jim Lawler, PCC
Ancestor:  Michael Dougherty, Pvt., Companies B and M, 13th Pennsylvania Cavalry
Grave Site:  St. Mark's Church Cemetery, Radcliffe St., Bristol, PA
Statue located at Jefferson Ave. and Prospect St., Bristol, PA
Ceremony:  12 MAY 2001
More Info:  Medal of Honor recipient. Survived Andersonville and other POW facilities. Survived the Sultana disaster.
Articles about Michael Dougherty by Damian Shiels on the "Irish in the American Civil War" web site:
Medal of Honor: Private Michael Dougherty, 13th Pennsylvania Cavalry
Christmas as a Prisoner of War, Richmond, 1863

Camp Member:  Andy Lefko, PCC, and Brian Lefko
Ancestor:  Levi Hummel
Grave Site:  Cedar Grove Cemetery, Marysville, PA
Ancestor:  Elias Koontz
Grave Site:  Griers Point Cemetery, Marysville, PA

Camp Member:  Brian Lefko and Arnold Owen
Ancestor:  Benjamin Owen, 1st Lt, Company I, 38th Indiana Volunteer Infantry
Grave Site:  Cane Creek Cemetery, Orange County, IN
More Info:  Missionary Ridge, US Army Mexican War; born 20 FEB 1824, Hawkins Co., TN; died 02 MAY 1893, Orange Co., IN

Camp Member:  William O. Leonard, Jr.
Ancestor:  Thomas Parramore Stran Leonard, Sgt., Companies I and A, 2nd Maryland Volunteer Infantry and 2nd Maryland Veteran Volunteer Infantry
Grave Site:  Baltimore Cemetery, 2500 E. North Ave., Baltimore, MD
Ceremony:  10 DEC 2006
More Info:  Enlisted 13 JUN 1861 at Baltimore, MD; re-enlisted 1 JAN 1864 at Knoxville, TN; mustered out 17 JUL 1865 at Alexandria, VA. This Regiment provided distinguished service, during the Union assault on the Burnside Bridge at Antietam, MD 17 SEP 1862.

Camp Member:  Dave McCardell
Ancestor:  Joseph H. Heaps, Pvt., 17th Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry
Grave Site:  Old Kennett Meeting, East of Kennett Square, PA
Ceremony:  25 SEP 1999

Camp Member:  Wendell Oals
Ancestor:  Pvt. A. V. Benjamin Smith
Grave Site:  Cumberland Cemetery, Media, PA.
Ceremony:  20 OCT 2007

Camp Member:  John O'Neal, PCC
Ancestor:  Henry O'Neal, Pvt., 6th Illinois Vol Cav, 93d Ind Vol Inf
Grave Site:  Buried at Sea (Atlantic) as returning POW
More Info:  b. 1815. Joined 6th Ill Vol Cav OCT 1861, Med Dischg JAN 1863; Joined 93d Ind Vol Inf DEC 1863, POW Brices Crossroads JUN 1864, Died returning to Annapolis on board Northern Light DEC 1864.
Ancestor:  Henry O'Neal, Jr., Pvt., 6th Illinois Vol Cav
Grave Site:  Cave Hill National Cemetery, Louisville, KY
More Info:  b. 1843. Died of consumption 26 MAY 1865.
Ancestor:  Joseph O'Neal, Pvt., 40th Illinois Volunteer Infantry
Grave Site:  Shiloh (unmarked grave)
More Info:  b. 1840. Died of disease JUN 1862 after participating in the Battle of Shiloh.
Ancestor:  John O'Neal, Pvt., 110th Illinois Volunteer Infantry
Grave Site:  Knights Prairie Baptist Church, Hamilton Co, Illinois
More Info:  b. 1844. Mustered in SEP 1862, transferred to Invalid Corps OCT 1862, discharged JUN 1865.

Camp Member:  Arnold Owen and Brian Lefko
Ancestor:  Benjamin Owen, 1st Lt., Company I, 38th Indiana Volunteer Infantry
Grave Site:  Cane Creek Cemetery, Orange County, IN
More Info:  Missionary Ridge, US Army Mexican War; born 20 FEB 1824, Hawkins Co., TN; died 02 MAY 1893, Orange Co., IN

Camp Member:  Christopher Michael Parker
Ancestor:  Hiram Purtee, Pvt., Co. E, 70th Ohio Infantry
Grave Site:  Stony Point Cemetery, Edwardsville, KS
More Info:  Enlisted 01 NOV 1861, discharged 31 OCT 1864. GAR Post: Burnside No. 28, Dept. of Kansas

Camp Member:  Steve Parsons, PCC
Ancestor:  James Madison Parsons, Pvt., 1st Maryland US Infantry
Grave Site:  North Baltimore Cemetery, Baltimore, MD
Ceremony:  16 OCT 2004

Camp Member:  George Roccas
Ancestor:  David P. Brown, Pvt., 16th Pennsylvania Cavalry
Grave Site:  Jersey City, NJ
Ceremony:  15 OCT 2005

Camp Member:  Ted Ryan
Ancestor:  George Hoyt, Pvt. 115th NYSV
Grave Site:  Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Town of Geneseo, N. Y.
More Info:  Wounded at Battle of Olustee, FL, 20 FEB 1864

Camp Member:  Clyde Tinklepaugh, PCC
Ancestor:  Samuel M. Merrifield, Pvt., Co I, 14th Regiment NY Volunteers
More Info:  Wounded at Malvern Hill
Ancestor:  Herman Lasher, Pilot, SS Illinois
Camp Member:  Bill Watson
Ancestor:  Elias Swope, Pvt., 3rd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery and 188th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry
Grave Site:  Three Springs Cemetery, Huntingdon County, PA
More Info:  Enlisted 27 FEB 1864 at Hollidaysburg, PA. Wounded 16 MAY 1864 at Battle of Drewry’s Bluff, VA. Discharged 24 JUN 1865. Died 24 DEC 1876.

Camp Member:  David Ward and Robert L. Ward
Ancestor:  George H. Ward, Col., 15th Mass. Volunteer Infantry
Grave Site:  Rural Cemetery, Worcester, Mass.
More Info:  Mortally wounded 2 JUL 1863 at Gettysburg, PA, died 3 JUL 1863, Brevet-Brig. Gen., U.S.V. to date from 2 JUL 1863
Ancestor:  Henry C. Ward, Capt., Co. K, 57th Mass. Veteran Vol. Infantry
Grave Site:  Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA
More Info:  Brig. Gen., U.S.A., retired 1905.
Ancestor:  Elijah Huested, Capt., Co. F, 24th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry
Grave Site:  Colestown Cemetery, Cherry Hill, NJ
More Info:  Mustered in and comm. 1st lieut. 2 SEP 1862, comm. capt. 18 APR 1863, mustered out 29 JUN 1863.

Camp Member:  John W. Whiteside, III
Ancestor:  William Henry Walton, Pvt., Company K, 35th NJ Vol Inf
Grave Site:  Sandy Hill Cemetery, Stockton, NJ

 Auxiliary Members' Data 

Auxiliary Member:  Judith Greene O’Neal
Ancestor:  George M. Bussinger, US Navy, Capt of the Hold, USS Powhatan
Grave Site:  Ivy Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA
More Info:  Great Grandfather, b. 1831; Mustered in US Navy 1855; Discharged with hand injury 1863; d. 11 MAR 1891; Judy inherited Vols 3 & 4 of his shipboard diaries.
Ancestor:  Daniel Wimer Bussinger, Pvt., 10th PA Reserves and Co. K, 191st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry
Grave Site:  Ivy Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA
More Info:  Grand Uncle, b. 1843, d. 1931; Captured at Spotsylvania; POW at Andersonville, GA; Testified at trial of Henry Wirz; Mustered Out 29 MAY 1865; Warden at Eastern State Penitentiary; Ellis Post 6 GAR; Girard College resident
Ancestor:  John Bussinger, Sgt., Co. F, 114th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Collis’ Zouaves
Grave Site:  Chancellorsville, VA
More Info:  Grand Uncle, b. 1838; Mustered In 21 JUL 1862; Died of wounds at Chancellorsville 28 MAY 1863; Resident of Girard College as a youth.