Bradbury Camp

Comments written by Past Camp Commander Lee Walters of John Hartranft Camp #15, Harrisburg, PA

We are the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War. We are the descendants of the men who fought to save the Union. Their blood runs in our veins. We are not about "representing" Civil War soldiers, we, as descendants and legal heirs to the G.A.R. are a direct link to these men. We honor our ancestors by keeping alive the memory of their service and sacrifice in a way that no other organization can. We are not a re-enactment unit or a living history organization. We are the "real deal". We are as close as you can get to a Civil War soldier. When we wear the uniform we are not "representing" or "portraying." We are remembering. The blood of our ancestors cries out to us from the grave. We must not, we cannot forget. Because we remember, some part of them lives in us. Because we remember, their sacrifice was not in vain. Because we remember, the nation that they fought to save endures and thrives, and they can rest contented in their graves - Because We Remember.