Bradbury Camp
  spacer History of the Founding of Bradbury Post #149, Media, PA, GAR
(handwritten copy found in files of Delaware County Historical Society, Jan. 2008, by Daniel Cashin)

In 1866, Dr. D. F. Stevenson of Decatur, Illinois, conceived the happy thought of uniting all the Soldiers, Sailors and marines who took part in the United States Service during the Civil War, into one grand Organization to be called the "Grand Army of the Republic". Its chief aims were, to teach patriotism, to look after the welfare of comrades, particularly those who were crippled or disabled, to take care of the widows and orphans of fallen comrades.

The organization was so broad that it would take in all men of good character who had honorable discharges without regard to rank, position, color, creed or religion, and so wide was its Charity that it would look after the welfare of those who had served our country but who did not belong to the Grand Army of the Republic. Another object of the organization was to honor the memory of our lovingly fallen comrades. How faithfully we have performed our duties, you comrades and all our people can bear witness.

On July 28th, 1868, Bradbury Post No. 149, G. A. R., was organized at Rockdale with 18 members and during that year 21 more were added and during its existence 33 more joined it, making a total of 72 that had been connected with it. John H. Worrillow was the first Commander and James Allen Steward the first Adjutant, Samuel K. Crozer (Crozier) was the next Commander and Dr. C. V. Crawford the last one. The last one mustered in, was Charles Dilks on Sept. 1st, 1871. The membership having fallen off the Post was disbanded and charter surrendered in August 1872.

On April 22nd, 1880, a meeting was held at Williamson's Hall, Media and Samuel K. Crozer was called to preside, with Joseph G. Cummins as Secretary.

On motion it was Resolved that a charter for a Grand Army of the Republic, Post, be obtained and, that Post Wilde No. 20, of Chester be invited to perform the Muster in ceremonies, and Saunders Post be invited to participate.

It was Resolved that the Post act under the Bye Laws of Wilde Post until it adopts, Bye Laws of its own. We thus adopted Wilde Post as our Foster Mother and she has gracefully maintained that relationship ever since.

Williamson Hall was secured for Post meetings, and on May 3rd 1880 a meeting was held there and from thence, they proceeded to Broad???'s Hall, where the following were mustered in

Samuel K. Crozer     Commander
Caleb Hoopes   Senior Vice
William Carson   Junior Vice
William F. Mathews   Adjutant
Joseph G. Cummins   Quartermaster
Rev. J. R. T. Gray   Chaplain
John W. Russell   Officer of the Day
Samuel Newsome   Sergeant Major
Edward E. Bowden   Quarter ??? Sergeant
John D. Howard   Post Sentry
James Worrall   Ordinance Sergeant
Charles E. Ottey   Outside Sentry

General N. M. Vanderslice of Department of Pennsylvania, acted as installing officer. After the officers were installed a Camp Fire was held, and speeches were made by Senator Everhart, Abraham Wag???, Esq., Rev. ??? Sayers and many others.

On May 10th the Post met and on motion it was Resolved that the Post be named Bradbury in honor of Sergeant Bradbury of Co. B, 26th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers who was killed in action at Burkesville Virginia April 6th 1865.

The former No. 149 of Bradbury Post being vacant was given to the new Bradbury Post.

At a meeting of Post on May 17th William F. Mathews resigned as Adjutant and John B. Robinson was appointed and filled the position until 1885, when A. V. B. Smith was appointed.

On May 1886, Mrs. Bradbury presented a Flag to the Post, and in 1887, some patriotic citizens presented a beautiful and expensive Record Book to the Post, so that there might be recorded in permanent form the history of service of each member of the Post.

On April 12th 1893, the Post moved to the Borough Hall, where we now meet, and I wish to express publicly our appreciation of the Councils of Media Borough for the liberal manner in which they have always treated us.

Since its Organization Post No. 149 has been a very active one in all good works, trying to exemplify the three graces of "Charity, Fraternity & Loyalty". In cooperation with the other Posts a beautiful Monument has been secured, which adorns the Court Square, and which was unveiled with great ceremony on May 9th, 1903. Bradbury assisted in procuring the grave markers, that mark the graves of our fallen comrades, and it originated the Act of Assembly authorizing the County Commissioners of each County to contribute one hundred dollars to each Post to assist in defraying the expenses of Memorial Day, thus enabling the small and weak Posts of the State to still observe the service's fully in memory and honor of our fallen comrades.

Altho death has diminished our numbers and weakened our bodies, our Spirit of love for our country is as great and as deep as it was when in the tented field or in battle array. With each passing year our love for the comrades grows greater, and we hope to meet them with joy in the great and Eternal camping grounds where God is the Supreme Commander.

(undated and unsigned)

Transcribed 21 January 2008, G. Reed Howard

A presumed membership list of 230, including some of the above names, was also found.

A 21 May 1891 Decoration Day program by Bradbury Post included members of Isaac Johnson Camp, No. 18, Sons of Veterans.

Memorial Day services in 1910, 1911 and 1920, Bradbury Post was accompanied by Bradbury Camp, No. 149, Sons of Veterans.